Ellende / Groza / Servant

03. Oktober 2024 // 18:30


Ellende / Groza / Servant

Scherben Tour 2024

Image: Ellende / Groza / Servant

Ellende / Groza / Servant Scherben Tour 2024

"As promised we will do one tour in 2024 and with "Scherben Tour" our longest up to date is being announced. We'll visit many cities and venues never played before and we're happy to have our friends in Groza supporting as well as Servant opening."

"We are excited to announce our next tour. We will bring the storm all over Europe in October 2024 in company of our comrades in Ellende and Servant. This tour will be in support of new yet unannounced music, to also be unveiled in 2024. Join us.